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Mar 13
call centre script

Why to drop the call centre script and get your agents really talking.

‘Hello sir/madam how are you today I’m calling to help you save money on x it’s a great opportunity would this be something you would be interested in? …click.’ When someone is reading a call centre script, it’s just blatantly obvious, don’t you think? It’s like watching a movie with terrible actors. All you can think

Jul 20
call centre improvement ideas

Call centre improvement ideas to excite your millennial hires

Looking to for some new call centre improvement ideas to entice your new millennial hires? Lollypops at front reception? A ‘chill out’ space with yoga mats lining the floor? Unisex toilets with seats that self close? A weekly flash mob in the foyer downstairs? A lunchtime boot camp and then a Krispy Kreme reward? One

Jul 12
call centre techniques

Call centre techniques to stop the flow of agents leaving

How many call centre techniques do you have up your sleeve to stop your valuable agents from bowing out, seeking retirement, vacating the premises, kicking the old work bucket or jumping ship from their outbound job? Staff attrition is a huge financial drain to any call centre and every manager knows it has a huge

Jul 5
Telesales training

Telesales training to keep remote agents close

Is your telesales training of remote agents all about numbers, hitting targets, espousing the values of mission statements, the importance of customer experience, but totally missing the mark when it comes to the contact centre tools they’re using? Telesales training is a crucial part of the puzzle in building capable remote agents; however, it also

May 23
Call center metrics

4 call center metrics for outbound sales success

Call center metrics are the specks, flakes and nuggets of gold that reveal the real truth about your call centre. Visually everything may look ok, your agents are busy looking busy, calls are being made, everyone’s looking engaged, even Doug’s off his Facebook, and to you this looks like success. A happy, energised and productive

May 11
Call center software outbound

7 time-wasters call center software stamps out

For an outbound call center being time-efficient is a hard thing to achieve if you don’t have powerful call center software by your side. Countless minutes are taken up prepping for calls, manual dialling, accessing the right information, processing leads, updating customer details, scheduling call backs and more. But what if all of these tasks were

Apr 25
call center management

3 call center management habits that breed success

Have you ever had the chance to analyse how call center management habits influence your outbound team’s success? Most haven’t, and it’s often for the same reasons – too busy, not enough time, too many queues to manage, and the list goes on – however, not stopping and analysing this could come at a huge

Mar 24

Handling sales call rejection

It may be a cliché breakup line – but as far as call centre agents go, they certainly deal with a lot of “It’s not you, it’s me.” Sales call rejection handling isn’t easy for anyone, especially when it happens on such a frequent basis – in many cases several times an hour. Your agents

Mar 16
Outbound sales

The false economy of outbound sales

When you’re running an outbound sales call centre, keeping an eagle eye on your operating costs is critical. With this in mind, many think it’s prudent to purchase lists and they work hard to squeeze every last drop of potential sales out of them, even if means ringing some numbers five or more times. But, the