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Dec 7
customer rapport

11 tactics for building better customer rapport

How well do you really need to get on with your customers? Let’s face it, there’s a lot of them, and in the space of just a few minutes it’s pretty hard to do anything except the simple niceties. Except, building customer rapport is basically comes down to building trust. It’s also a question of

Nov 13

Tips for creating an unbeatable knowledge centre

Your customers are getting smarter and they’re getting better at self-service. If they have a problem with your product or service they’ll look for solutions from their friends, social media or a forum long before they even consider calling your contact centre. This means that when they do finally call your agents it’s about the

Oct 30

Upskill, reskill or rehire? How to get the best call centre agents for the job.

Customer experience is hot right now. But more than just being the newest business trend, creating a good customer experience brings in actual results like higher sales values, longer lasting customer relationships and better margins. Customer experience should be front of mind for every call centre agent and their manager. In fact, it should be

Oct 15

How to improve customer experience with call blending

Running a customer support team is like riding a roller coaster. There’s ups, downs, lulls, and terrifying free falls that make you wonder if that second toasted sandwich was such a good idea. If you run a customer service team and an outbound sales team you have twice the rollercoasters to handle. And maybe that

Oct 9

Call centre skills every agent should have in 2018

When a customer calls your company, more often than not they are not a happy camper. They are experiencing some sort of issue or inconvenience that makes them take time out of their day to call you to rectify it. To handle conversations with grumpy people and turn them around into a positive customer experience

Oct 3

Why your call centre script shouldn’t be a sales pitch

‘Hello, <insert customer name> how are you today I’m calling to tell you about an amazing upgrade available to you for your existing <insert product name> if I could take 5 minutes of your time, I’d really appreciate it’. Click. ‘Hello?’ ‘Bueller?’ Did you know, according to a study by Walker, that customer experience will

Sep 18

9 ways your website can improve your customer service call centre

Customer service is increasingly multi-channel. Websites, chat, social media and call centres all have their part to play. They all nurture your customers in different ways, helping them along their journey and supporting them in troubled times.   But they don’t work in isolation, in fact they work best as a team. In this case

Sep 10

Why good customer experience starts before you have customers

If a good customer experience creates better brand loyalty, increases word of mouth and creates higher-value sales – then why are we waiting until customers are customers, before we give them the good stuff? How you treat your prospects before they have invested one dollar with you, will directly affect their likelihood of becoming a

Aug 29

Be careful what you wish for: How call centre KPIs directly influence behaviour

Call centre KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are more than just something you put down on paper. They are like your Christmas wish list. Your vision for the future. Your call centre Nirvana. When it comes to developing KPIs we could all learn a lot from King Midas. His personal KPIs were around obtaining as much

Aug 14

Is a ChatBot the fast track to great customer experience?

ChatBots. They’re those magical creatures that can take care of your customers 24 hours a day, don’t require a salary and can talk to thousands of people at once. What’s not to love? But when customers are serviced by a program, not a human can they expect a faster, more satisfying experience? Or does the