May 2016 - | Noojee Contact Solutions

May 23
Call center metrics

4 call center metrics for outbound sales success

Call center metrics are the specks, flakes and nuggets of gold that reveal the real truth about your call centre. Visually everything may look ok, your agents are busy looking busy, calls are being made, everyone’s looking engaged, even Doug’s off his Facebook, and to you this looks like success. A happy, energised and productive

May 17
Telemarketing scripts

Telemarketing scripts: 6 tweaks to convert more leads

Have you ever stopped to analyse your telemarketing scripts to see the value they are really giving to your outbound team’s success? Having leads is one thing, but having a powerful telemarketing scripts that can communicate, empathise and connect with your customers is another. And it’s an important component in lead conversion. In the scheme

May 11
Call center software outbound

7 time-wasters call center software stamps out

For an outbound call center being time-efficient is a hard thing to achieve if you don’t have powerful call center software by your side. Countless minutes are taken up prepping for calls, manual dialling, accessing the right information, processing leads, updating customer details, scheduling call backs and more. But what if all of these tasks were

May 3
call center improvement strategies

Call center improvement strategies that slay sales

So it’s a fresh week and you come bounding in to work, energetically after a great weekend, and determined to carry this enthusiam through the week. Full of inspiration you decide it’s time to shake things up, to FINALLY GET STUFF DONE. Clean sheet of paper in front of you, you’re ready to compile your list of