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Jul 20
call centre improvement ideas

Call centre improvement ideas to excite your millennial hires

Looking to for some new call centre improvement ideas to entice your new millennial hires? Lollypops at front reception? A ‘chill out’ space with yoga mats lining the floor? Unisex toilets with seats that self close? A weekly flash mob in the foyer downstairs? A lunchtime boot camp and then a Krispy Kreme reward? One

Jul 12
call centre techniques

Call centre techniques to stop the flow of agents leaving

How many call centre techniques do you have up your sleeve to stop your valuable agents from bowing out, seeking retirement, vacating the premises, kicking the old work bucket or jumping ship from their outbound job? Staff attrition is a huge financial drain to any call centre and every manager knows it has a huge

Jul 5
Telesales training

Telesales training to keep remote agents close

Is your telesales training of remote agents all about numbers, hitting targets, espousing the values of mission statements, the importance of customer experience, but totally missing the mark when it comes to the contact centre tools they’re using? Telesales training is a crucial part of the puzzle in building capable remote agents; however, it also

Jun 28
Call management software

How call management software eliminates dead-end numbers

Bad call management software retries all your numbers including dead-end ones that can clog up the dialer and get passed around like ping pong balls from one agent to another going nowhere. Good call management software will deal with everything from disconnected numbers to numbers on the Do Not Call (DNC) list, it effectively deals

Jun 22
Telemarketing lead generation

Telemarketing lead generation in a cold calling world

Is your telemarketing lead generation way off target from a scattergun approach? Lists are weak, leads are dead, agents are distracted, and it’s impossible to get any sales traction? Something needs to happen to get back on track, and yet with a myriad of potential reasons, it’s hard to know where to start. Is it

Jun 7
call center training tips

5 call center training tips for sales objections

For any call centre manager, managing an outbound sales team is all about giving your agents a sense of purpose and control, even when it comes to sales objections. Let’s be honest, objections land like a lead balloon in any conversation and can impact the confidence of even the best sales agents. That’s why prepping

Jun 2
Hosted voip call center

7 reasons you should use a Hosted VoIP call center

Where VoIP has taken telephony online, the Hosted VoIP call center has gone one step further and given full control back to call centre managers and their teams, offering powerful contact centre software that automates a whole range of manual processes and streamlines operations. Cheaper, faster and easier to use, here’s a great infographic with 7 compelling reasons why

May 23
Call center metrics

4 call center metrics for outbound sales success

Call center metrics are the specks, flakes and nuggets of gold that reveal the real truth about your call centre. Visually everything may look ok, your agents are busy looking busy, calls are being made, everyone’s looking engaged, even Doug’s off his Facebook, and to you this looks like success. A happy, energised and productive

May 17
Telemarketing scripts

Telemarketing scripts: 6 tweaks to convert more leads

Have you ever stopped to analyse your telemarketing scripts to see the value they are really giving to your outbound team’s success? Having leads is one thing, but having a powerful telemarketing scripts that can communicate, empathise and connect with your customers is another. And it’s an important component in lead conversion. In the scheme

Apr 25
call center management

3 call center management habits that breed success

Have you ever had the chance to analyse how call center management habits influence your outbound team’s success? Most haven’t, and it’s often for the same reasons – too busy, not enough time, too many queues to manage, and the list goes on – however, not stopping and analysing this could come at a huge