IVR systems software

Easily configurable IVR phone system technology will save customers time, and improve your team’s efficiency by making sure calls and information are passed directly to the most suitable agent, or allowing customers to bypass queues completely for more convenient service.

With the ability to quickly change greeting messages in the event of outages, provide impact messages automatically, Noojee's IVR systems software keeps call volumes low even at times when customers may be calling more.

Automate interactions

Noojee’s IVR phone system solution automates many interactions that would otherwise require manual intervention, such as making payments, responding to surveys, checking order status and more. This allows you to reserve your team for queries and calls that require more hands-on resolution.

Save your customers time

By choosing how they need their call to be directed, an IVR means customers can avoid waiting in queues only to find they need to be transferred to another agent.

Work more effectively

By capturing relevant customer information as part of the process, your agents will be able to reduce call handling times without compromising on service.

Personalise the experience

An IVR call solution directs customers into the most appropriate queues where you can record custom messages to suit. Plus, by integrating directly into your CRM your team will have a complete view of the caller’s history, keeping customer satisfaction high.

IVR Systems Software Features

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