Workforce Management

Managing a high performing contact centre has never been easier with Noojee’s Workforce Management. Revolutionize the way you communicate with staff both internally and remotely, while automated reporting and roster setting will free up your time to focus on people.

Track your call centre moment by moment from anywhere, at any time

Realtime reporting allows you to track the status of every staff member, helping you to build and maintain a high-performing team.

Forecast a future of high service standards

We know you can never tell the future, but Noojee’s Workforce Management is the next best thing! We use historical data to forecast when staff and skills are most likely to be required to keep your service standards high.

Keep your staff happy

Set up automatic prompts that remind agents when they are due for a break, and make work work around your team, by automatically remembering their preferred hours to make roster setting easy.

Easy to use interface

Noojee’s Workforce Management is drag and drop, making roster changes intuitive and simple, and allowing supervisors to experiment with different options quickly.


Noojee makes it easy to manage a team

Noojee improves staff communications

You want the Noojee.