For customer’s looking for more flexibility, enter Blender - Noojee’s complete call centre software solution that offers your agents the ability to work inbound and outbound calls seamlessly. There’s no longer the need to have dedicated inbound and outbound teams. Blended allows both inbound and outbound calls to be taken and made by the same agent, reducing downtime and increasing productivity which is what an effective contact centre is all about.

Make better use of the staff you have

Noojee’s Blender allows your call centre agents to receive inbound calls and make outbound calls- meaning less downtime for your staff, who will be able to solve customer service queries, sell your products and make callbacks. No more sitting around waiting for calls. Your customers won’t know efficiency until they experience this!

Enhance your customer experience

Blender allows your agents to make all important call backs to your customers in between inbound calls without the need to change queues. Customer queries are resolved quickly, reducing frustration and ensuring they have the best possible experience.

Increase your productivity

By allowing agents to both receive inbound calls and make outbound calls, Blender allows every minute of your contact centre’s operation to be used productively. Less time waiting means more calls handled. More calls means more time to resolve queries, sell your products or services, and give your customers the kind of service you want to be known for.

Turn your service team into a selling team

Blender turns your call centre agents into sales machines – developing their skills beyond inbound customer service, keeping them motivated and enabling more of the all-important sales calls to be made and closed. Motivated staff means better returns – in productivity, sales and ultimately on your bottom line.

A single interface to manage inbound and outbound

Blender enables inbound and outbound calls to be received and made through a single interface. One system to allow agents to seamlessly move from inbound to outbound calls…. fewer interruptions to their work, and ultimately a better experience for agents and customers alike.

Blended Features

Dedicated inbound and outbound teams is the perfect solution for many of our call centre customers. But for contact centres looking for more flexibility and productivity we offer Blender, an blended inbound and outbound calling option that allows agents to receive inbound calls and make outbound calls from the dialer without having to change queues.

Noojee Blender maximises staff efficiency

Get greater sales results

You want the Noojee.