Call Recorder Software

Noojee's call recorder provides a complete solution for enterprise call centres or other organizations that need to keep a record of customer call recordings. By recording and storing these, your team can refer back to the actual conversation to get a clear understanding of the customer’s needs and intent and hear how the call was handled.

Maintain quality standards through call recorder monitoring

Managers can listen to calls at any time, monitoring agent performance, ensuring quality standards as part of agent training, or as part of a quality assurance review.

Call recording offers customers greater flexibility over the phone

Noojee Recorder creates legally binding ‘voice signatures’ or suppresses recording whilst taking credit card details, offering customers more convenience while still letting you meet your compliance requirements.

Record only the calls you need to

Choose to record every call, specific agents, certain call types, specific parts of a call or even exclude sensitive parts of a call as the situation requires.

Keep things hush hush

Have confidence in the knowledge that your recordings are completely secure, protected by public key encryption. Only you have the ability to decrypt your recordings keeping customer data safe.


Noojee maximises staff productivity

You want the Noojee.