December 2016 - | Noojee Contact Solutions

Dec 22
sales teams

Podcast – the Psychology of a High Performing Sales Team

I had the opportunity to give an interview to the Australian Podcast Network recently, answering some questions on the Psychology of a High Performing Sales Team. Here it is. It got me thinking about the work we’ve done to really understand what makes and keeps a call centre sales team motivated and firing on all cylinders.

Dec 15
customer experience strategy

Customer Experience Strategy for Small Teams

And daily he went round softly speaking his story To all kinds of men from all walks of life Paul Kelly (From Little Things Big Things Grow) When you work for a small-to-medium sized company, it’s hard to hide. You’re not a number, you’re a name, often known by all (including the big guys or

Dec 8
call centre management

Techniques for Call Centre Transformation

In ye olde days, call centre agents had it pretty easy. It was a simpler time – customers might purchase a product in store, bring it home, look at the instructions, get confused and call the number provided for help (on the land line, we’re talking BC (Before Cellphones). Maybe chat to their neighbour or

Dec 1
Customer retention

5 Ways to Drive Customer Retention

Did you know it costs a company 6-7 times more to acquire a customer than to retain them, according to research conducted by Bain & Company? Returning customers also spend more than new ones. McKinsey & Company reckon ecommerce spend for new customers is on average $24.50, compared with $52.50 for repeat customers. This is interesting, given