August 2017 - | Noojee Contact Solutions

Aug 31

Best IVR practices for you and your customers

Done well, an IVR system is can be an effective tool for delivering better, faster and more efficient customer service. Done poorly, IVR can turn into a black hole that your customers dive in to, never to return again.   A Purdue University study discovered that 63% of consumers would stop using a company’s products after a

Aug 29

Be careful what you wish for: How call centre KPIs directly influence behaviour

Call centre KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are more than just something you put down on paper. They are like your Christmas wish list. Your vision for the future. Your call centre Nirvana. When it comes to developing KPIs we could all learn a lot from King Midas. His personal KPIs were around obtaining as much

Aug 21

The secrets to better customer experience management

Customer experience management is exactly what it says on the box. Your ability to manage your customer’s experiences throughout their lifecycle. It’s the ability to oversee, track and optimize their experiences to foster loyalty, referral and boost incremental sales. Good customer experience management is not an accident, it’s something that needs planning, commitment and investment

Aug 14

Is a ChatBot the fast track to great customer experience?

ChatBots. They’re those magical creatures that can take care of your customers 24 hours a day, don’t require a salary and can talk to thousands of people at once. What’s not to love? But when customers are serviced by a program, not a human can they expect a faster, more satisfying experience? Or does the

Aug 6

26 Customer Experience quotes to inspire your sales team

A customer’s experience with your sales team can make or break your relationship with them. And it doesn’t take long before a series of bad experiences can tarnish your brand’s reputation. Think 1 star reviews and a barrage of complaints on social media, or even becoming a front page news story like United Airlines. On