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Mar 7

Call centre benchmarks in a customer-centric business

A favourite metric in the call centre world is First Call Resolution. That old chestnut. High First Call Resolution means everyone is doing a good job, right? But what if the call is ‘resolved’, but the customer had been waiting on line for 20 minutes? Or because they were speaking to such a lacklustre call centre agent

Jan 25
client service experience

Your org chart may be holding your client service experience back

What do your org chart, your seat belt and your fear of commitment all have in common? They may all be holding you back. Your seatbelt’s a no brainer, and we’ll leave your fear of commitment to the professionals. But if you want to keep your clients, research shows service remains key: 89% of people who experience

Jan 17
call centre operators

5 tips for empowering call centre operators

Your call centre operators are the face (or voice) of your whole customer service operation. They get it all, from simple enquiries to angry complaints. Increasingly both these types of calls are getting more complicated. With access to your website, online forums and social media, customers can find the easy answers online, it’s the hard stuff

Jan 1
Call centre experience

Why online forums are the secret to a great call centre experience

Fact: With 24-hour access to the internet and social media, it’s been reported that 9 out of 10 customers would prefer to self-service their problem rather than call your customer support centre. That’s a staggering number and one that should give anyone running a call centre a moment of pause. But could this drive for self service actually

Dec 20
common customer complaints

Common customer complaints that every call centre can avoid

Complaints, like death and taxes are guaranteed to happen. But if you’re receiving the same common customer complaints over and over again it’s a sign that something, somewhere in your business is not working. If your lines are filled with shouting, unhappy customers then it’s time to fix the problems so your agents can spend

Dec 7
customer rapport

11 tactics for building better customer rapport

How well do you really need to get on with your customers? Let’s face it, there’s a lot of them, and in the space of just a few minutes it’s pretty hard to do anything except the simple niceties. Except, building customer rapport is basically comes down to building trust. It’s also a question of

Nov 13

Tips for creating an unbeatable knowledge centre

Your customers are getting smarter and they’re getting better at self-service. If they have a problem with your product or service they’ll look for solutions from their friends, social media or a forum long before they even consider calling your contact centre. This means that when they do finally call your agents it’s about the

Nov 6

How to scale your contact centre sustainably

As Dr Seuss would say “Congratulations! Today is your day, you’re off to great places, you’re off and away.” Your business is growing. You’re pulling in more customers or clients than you’ve ever had before. Of course with the increase in numbers comes an increase in your contact centre requirements. You need more sales calls

Oct 30

Upskill, reskill or rehire? How to get the best call centre agents for the job.

Customer experience is hot right now. But more than just being the newest business trend, creating a good customer experience brings in actual results like higher sales values, longer lasting customer relationships and better margins. Customer experience should be front of mind for every call centre agent and their manager. In fact, it should be

Oct 23

How to make customer support your competitive advantage

Back in the day, before everyone talked about ‘Start-up Mentality” and “Being Agile”, your competitive advantage was probably your ability to be quick, nimble and responsive to market changes. While the big guys slugged it out with their red tape, processes and reviews, your business could just get on with delivering great products and services