March 2017 - | Noojee Contact Solutions

Mar 30
call center environment

Creating a Stress-less Call Center Environment

Did you know that that approximately 80% of what we perceive or experience is based upon our physical environment? (Sherry Burton Ways). Managing a call center is a stressful job, as is sitting in the chairs making and receiving calls all day. The pressure is unlikely to go away – customers need to talk to

Mar 22
staff motivation

People are not rats. The secrets of staff motivation.

Humans are complicated. They have feelings and motivations and agendas that will often have nothing to do with their day job. You put a bunch of them together to walk around on the same patch of carpet all day, add to that complexity different personalities, values and energy levels, and a whole lot of other

Mar 15
call centre metrics

Call Centre Metrics in the New World

Quality Scores. First Call Resolution. Service Level. Average Handling Time. Right Party Connect. There are many very important call centre metrics to give you an idea on volume- of hours, of calls, of waiting time. If you track your call centre against these you can make sure that for every hour, you are servicing the

Mar 9
inbound call centre

Inbound Call Centre Agents and Difficult Conversations

Are you looking for ways to improve motivation for your team? You know it can be a hard slog working as an inbound call centre agent, you may have done the hard yards yourself. When your job is to talk to customers all day, you’re going to face all sorts of characters and situations. The