July 2016 - | Noojee Contact Solutions

Jul 26
virtual call centre software

How virtual call centre software transforms the way we work

When you think of virtual call centre software, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A Princess Leia inspired hologram that pops out of your computer and tells you what to do? Some Mr Smith sunglasses you can wear that will transport you into a 3D world? A minority report scene, where you can

Jul 20
call centre improvement ideas

Call centre improvement ideas to excite your millennial hires

Looking to for some new call centre improvement ideas to entice your new millennial hires? Lollypops at front reception? A ‘chill out’ space with yoga mats lining the floor? Unisex toilets with seats that self close? A weekly flash mob in the foyer downstairs? A lunchtime boot camp and then a Krispy Kreme reward? One

Jul 12
call centre techniques

Call centre techniques to stop the flow of agents leaving

How many call centre techniques do you have up your sleeve to stop your valuable agents from bowing out, seeking retirement, vacating the premises, kicking the old work bucket or jumping ship from their outbound job? Staff attrition is a huge financial drain to any call centre and every manager knows it has a huge

Jul 5
Telesales training

Telesales training to keep remote agents close

Is your telesales training of remote agents all about numbers, hitting targets, espousing the values of mission statements, the importance of customer experience, but totally missing the mark when it comes to the contact centre tools they’re using? Telesales training is a crucial part of the puzzle in building capable remote agents; however, it also