November 2016 - | Noojee Contact Solutions

Nov 24
call centre security

Call Centre Security- Looking After Your Customer’s Data

So I’m sure we all heard in the news last week that offshore call centre agents are selling the personal customer data of some of the big telco’s for a nominal price (by Australian standards). Scary stuff- your customers trust that their data is safe with your company, and the slightest inkling that your call

Nov 17
Big data

Big Data and Customer Experience

Big Data. What is it? Well it’s data that is Big, silly. Like really, really big, and getting bigger every day. Mountains of information on your customers or people who look a lot like your customers (they just haven’t seen the light yet). It can help you understand them to help you have really have

Nov 10
customer experience recruitment

Customer Experience Recruitment

Customer Experience is a rich new way of thinking about your customers, and seeing them beyond the traditional, transactional Customer Service approach. Customer Experience treats your customers like long term partners, soul mates who will never leave your side. Blood brothers who will walk through life side by side with you. Ok, you just want

Nov 4
Call Centre Manager Resources

10 Tips to make a Call Centre Manager’s Life Easier

Managing a call centre can be hard yakka. Depressing levels of staff turnover, customers who demand instant resolution no matter the time of day or night, money wasted on dead time. It’s hard keeping all your balls in the air and still find the time to mentor and coach your agents so they want to