September 2016 - | Noojee Contact Solutions

Sep 21

How to stay connected with remote workers

Even our New Zealand bros can feel light years away when it comes to staying connected and like a team trying to get to the same business goals (rather than beating each other about the head on the rugby field)- let alone remote workers in India, the Philippines or South Africa. Figuring out how to

Sep 14
offshore help desk

How to make customers feel safe with an offshore help desk

Does the thought off an offshore help desk already give you the shivers? Does it evoke the idea of noise, chaos and unintelligible agents working cheek by jowl? Of dodgy phone reception and getting stuck in endless queues? Sadly, these are the experiences of some who’ve called an offshore call centre. They’ve called because they

Sep 6
virtual call center

What will a virtual call center of the future look like?

With the rise of new tech innovations coming hard and fast, the virtual call center of the future is something we can all look forward to. From cloud computing to virtual technology, these tech advances are revolutionising businesses right down to the core. And for call centres this is no different. They’ve had to go from a