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Sep 6
virtual call center

What will a virtual call center of the future look like?

With the rise of new tech innovations coming hard and fast, the virtual call center of the future is something we can all look forward to. From cloud computing to virtual technology, these tech advances are revolutionising businesses right down to the core. And for call centres this is no different. They’ve had to go from a

Aug 2
offshoring customer support

Getting offshoring customer service to follow the sun

Offshoring customer service can be a hot potato topic at the best of times. There’s the value judgement you have to navigate about taking roles offshore, as well as the logistical question of wondering how managing a remote part of your business can work? The modern expectation that services should be accessible, people always contactable,

Jul 26
virtual call centre software

How virtual call centre software transforms the way we work

When you think of virtual call centre software, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? A Princess Leia inspired hologram that pops out of your computer and tells you what to do? Some Mr Smith sunglasses you can wear that will transport you into a 3D world? A minority report scene, where you can