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Aug 6

26 Customer Experience quotes to inspire your sales team

A customer’s experience with your sales team can make or break your relationship with them. And it doesn’t take long before a series of bad experiences can tarnish your brand’s reputation. Think 1 star reviews and a barrage of complaints on social media, or even becoming a front page news story like United Airlines. On

Jul 24
Darts targetting call centre solutions

10 contact centre solutions to improve your productivity

No matter how effective you are as a call centre manager, often the only reward you will get for your efforts are even loftier targets to be achieved on even leaner budgets. If there is any silver (well maybe a grey-ish) lining, it’s that you’re not alone. This is the reality in not only call

Apr 5
call centre performance

Boosting call centre performance through morale

Looking to improve the performance and sales results of your outbound team? But, here’s the catch. You can’t spend more any more money, or hire anyone new. Without these levers to pull, you may feel like there’s not much more you can do. But surprisingly the motivation of your staff can play a key role in