September 2017 - | Noojee Contact Solutions

Sep 21

Case Study: The companies with a gold standard in customer care

Customer care is an essential part of building a sensational customer experience. Beyond simple complaints handling it reflects the way your agents are enabled to truly care for your customers, every step of the way. Here are some companies that are winning in this space and lessons we can all learn from them.   Zappos

Sep 18

9 ways your website can improve your customer service call centre

Customer service is increasingly multi-channel. Websites, chat, social media and call centres all have their part to play. They all nurture your customers in different ways, helping them along their journey and supporting them in troubled times.   But they don’t work in isolation, in fact they work best as a team. In this case

Sep 10

Why good customer experience starts before you have customers

If a good customer experience creates better brand loyalty, increases word of mouth and creates higher-value sales – then why are we waiting until customers are customers, before we give them the good stuff? How you treat your prospects before they have invested one dollar with you, will directly affect their likelihood of becoming a