March 2016 - | Noojee Contact Solutions

Mar 24

Handling sales call rejection

It may be a cliché breakup line – but as far as call centre agents go, they certainly deal with a lot of “It’s not you, it’s me.” Sales call rejection handling isn’t easy for anyone, especially when it happens on such a frequent basis – in many cases several times an hour. Your agents

Mar 16
Outbound sales

The false economy of outbound sales

When you’re running an outbound sales call centre, keeping an eagle eye on your operating costs is critical. With this in mind, many think it’s prudent to purchase lists and they work hard to squeeze every last drop of potential sales out of them, even if means ringing some numbers five or more times. But, the

Mar 9
Contact centre software

Contact centre software that reduces turnover

Imagine you’ve bought a new house, with dreams of living happily there for years. You start to feel part of the community, getting to know the neighbours over a few BBQs, your kids walk to school together. And then within a year, almost half the families living around you simply pack up and leave, to

Mar 2
call centre training

Call centre training tips for agent success

Even if your new hires are coming to you from previous call centre work, you’ll still need to train them about how your company runs. But, because not everyone comes in with the same experience, the same motivation and drive to do well, and the same learning style, as a call centre manager you’ve got to