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Aug 21

The secrets to better customer experience management

Customer experience management is exactly what it says on the box. Your ability to manage your customer’s experiences throughout their lifecycle. It’s the ability to oversee, track and optimize their experiences to foster loyalty, referral and boost incremental sales. Good customer experience management is not an accident, it’s something that needs planning, commitment and investment

Jul 10
predictive dialler battle

Battle of the Diallers- Predictive Diallers vs Power Diallers

So you want to up your productivity? Well, it’s not really a matter of wanting it at this stage, more like it had better happen, and please don’t ask for any additional budget or staff… If you manage an outbound call centre, your productivity comes from the time your agents are speaking to humans –

May 25

How an auto-dialer can save you lots of money

If you’re in the business of being productive, and managing a team that needs to make many phone calls, then you simply must get yourself a dialer. Even if you’re a one-man band, making a handful of calls each day, then an auto-dialer will save you and your agents time spent listening to the phone

May 9
call centre metrics

Four Outbound Call Centre Metrics to Track for Success

    The call centre metrics you measure your outbound team against are like the lights on the runway guiding the big jumbo jet to a safe landing. Or, to be more accurate (metaphorically, that is), to guide the big jumbo jet to a perfect take off, where it will reach the heights it needs

May 3

5 Ways to Make Outbound Calls That Count

    Everyone knows that the mantra for any manager these days is ‘do more with less’. More outbound calls with fewer staff. More sales with less training. More leads with less marketing budget. No point complaining about it, it’s the expectation of any manager in any business, so the answer is to work smarter.