Battle of the Diallers- Predictive Diallers vs Power Diallers

Jul 10
predictive dialler battle

Battle of the Diallers- Predictive Diallers vs Power Diallers

So you want to up your productivity? Well, it’s not really a matter of wanting it at this stage, more like it had better happen, and please don’t ask for any additional budget or staff… If you manage an outbound call centre, your productivity comes from the time your agents are speaking to humans – not message banks, not answering machines, not engaged signals. Every time your agents make a call, you want a prospect to be on the other end. . Predictive diallers, power diallers – there are options available to you depending on your needs as a business.

We used to have to dial these numbers manually. Can you even imagine? There are so many reasons this was just not a good idea.


The aim of the game with all diallers is to increase talk time and productivity. Along with special dialling wands, all sorts of diallers have been invented to make connecting to as many humans as…. humanly (sorry)… possible, a breeze.

What is a dialler, exactly? It’s a system that automatically dials a number(s) it fetches from your database. It then hands the call to the agent only when the call is answered. Every moment is utilised speaking to prospects, so you can see how handy these automated diallers are. Like anything, you have a choice to make when it comes to the best dialler for your business, the main ones being predictive diallers and power diallers.

In the blue corner… the predictive dialler

The predictive dialler is a strong contender. It’s smart, intuitive and will work hard for you. It is powered by maths – how many calls it predicts will be answered, how long it takes for a prospect to answer the phone, the average of each phone call your team makes and the availability of your agents. Using this ratio, it then goes ahead and dials multiple numbers at the same time on different lines. The result is less down time for your agents and greater talk time. Both good things.

Use a predictive dialler if…

  • All your calls are a predictable length. This won’t work for you if some calls are 15 seconds long and others are 15 minutes.
  • Your business objective is about reaching the largest number of prospects possible.
  • You have a relatively simple proposition, that doesn’t involve significant time spent on the phone with prospects.
  • You don’t need anything much from your customers/prospects. Asking someone for something probably won’t go down so well if they have waited to be connected to the call.

In the red corner… the power dialler.

The power dialler is also known as the multi-dialler. It fetches batches of numbers (at a rate set by you) from a list and dials them one after another on the same line. It connects your agent to the first call that answers. Once an agent ends a call, or a voicemail, engaged signal or recorded message is reached (or the phone rings out) it moves onto the next group of numbers. A power dialler won’t make as many calls as a predictive dialler, but it ensures that there is always an agent on the other end of the line when it transfers a call, which is better from a customer service perspective.

Use a power dialler if:

  • Your objectives are centred around providing quality interactions between customers and agents.
  • The subject matter is more complex, or requires a bit more work to get the customer onside (collections etc). You don’t want a disgruntled customer from the outset after having them wait for an agent.
  • You want something easy to set up with less reliance on technical support.

If you have decided that an automatic dialler is something that will boost your productivity, the choice of predictive dialler vs power dialler is really dependent on what your objectives and priorities are for your team. Only when you have a thorough understanding of what you are trying to achieve will you be able to make a decision that will benefit your business. The great thing is, if the pressure is on you to increase your productivity, automatic diallers were invented for this purpose, so you’ll be winning whatever your decision.


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