7 reasons you should use a Hosted VoIP call center

Jun 2
Hosted voip call center

7 reasons you should use a Hosted VoIP call center

Where VoIP has taken telephony online, the Hosted VoIP call center has gone one step further and given full control back to call centre managers and their teams, offering powerful contact centre software that automates a whole range of manual processes and streamlines operations. Cheaper, faster and easier to use, here’s a great infographic with 7 compelling reasons why you should switch to a Hosted VoIP call center today.

The Hosted VoIP call center – in a nutshell

As you can see a Hosted VoIP call center transforms call centre management and team productivity, making it:

  • Easier to use: with access to hosted VoIP and its full features without needing new infrastructure or tech support.
  • Flexible and mobile: so you can login to a hosted VoIP call center 24/7 from anywhere, and numbers can be routed to multiple devices across an entire call centre network.
  • Automated and fast: from dialing to customer preview and integrating with external CRMS, getting rid of a whole host of wasteful manual processes.
  • Easily scalable: letting you scale call volumes up or down to deal with call volume fluctuations in an instant.
  • Easy to manage your team: with live monitoring and real-time reporting so managers can track VoIP call centre agents from anywhere, and make live changes on the go.
  • Great for cost-saving: with no expensive connection fees, infrastructure or IT support required, saving you up to 90% in start-up costs.
  • Location irrelevant: so managers, agents and teams can work from anywhere in the world, all interlinked through the same hosted VoIP call center system.

Now that’s enough reasons to switch, don’t you think.

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Image via Flickr CC/Clive Darra