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May 3
call center improvement strategies

Call center improvement strategies that slay sales

So it’s a fresh week and you come bounding in to work, energetically after a great weekend, and determined to carry this enthusiam through the week. Full of inspiration you decide it’s time to shake things up, to FINALLY GET STUFF DONE. Clean sheet of paper in front of you, you’re ready to compile your list of

Apr 15
Call centre automation

Call centre automation – the best thing since sliced bread

Where would we be without automation? Just imagine, even getting to work would be a chore. We’d be forever sleeping in (whoops, no alarms) and eating burnt toast rather than it popping up when done. And quite frankly, we’ve all got better things to be doing than washing loads of clothes and dishes by hand. In just the

Feb 22
call centre gamification

The how to of call centre gamification

As humans we respond well to games. It starts at an early age – airplanes are loaded with broccoli, we get gold stars for doing well in school, get achievement badges in Scouts. Even as adults a little game playing gets us through the most boring of meetings (meeting bingo anyone?) or can help us do everything

Feb 12

How to slow outbound sales turnover

No matter how good or bad the relationship was, breaking up almost always hurts. And normally, even though it takes time, the recovery is the same. A few nights out with friends, a tear-jerker movie and too much ice cream helps to dull the pain, and we begin to see that we might live again.

Feb 3

Raising team morale in a cold calling world

It takes real courage to work in an outbound call centre. Cold calling, appointment setting and sales – it’s an environment which can be tough on staff morale. At times we’re reminded of the lyrics to an Eminem song: He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs, But he

May 21

Understanding answer machine detection (AMD)

Almost every technology solution promises some type of ‘silver bullet’ that will fix all of your problems. In the contact centre industry the silver bullet is supposed to be Answering Machine Detection (AMD). Particularly with the proliferation of mobile phones, contact centres have to deal with lots of answering machines. Agents of course only want

May 14
outbound call centre

My outbound dialer burns for me

I’ve had the same conversation many times over, where contact centre managers complain that outbound dialers burn their leads. Firstly we perhaps should stop and provide a definition of what it means to burn a lead as it is a term that is thrown around a lot and used in a very loose manner. So