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Apr 4

How to use the NPS calculation in your call centre

According to a Nielsen poll, 80% of people seek referrals before making a purchase, so word of mouth (online reviews or person to person conversations) are the bread and butter of a successful business. While there are a number of ways to collate customer feedback, the Net Promotor Score – or NPS calculation – is

Mar 13
call centre script

Why to drop the call centre script and get your agents really talking.

‘Hello sir/madam how are you today I’m calling to help you save money on x it’s a great opportunity would this be something you would be interested in? …click.’ When someone is reading a call centre script, it’s just blatantly obvious, don’t you think? It’s like watching a movie with terrible actors. All you can think

Feb 21
Customer service techniques

Customer service techniques that keep staff and customers happy

Are you struggling to get your team to perform, or even to care about what they are doing? A call centre agent may have the impression that the customer is always right, and that to deliver good service they simply have to say yes to everything the customer says. And yet, fenced in with business

Feb 6
customer interaction

Using customer interaction in the call centre to transform your entire business

Having a killer product or service or a strong supply chain used to be enough to keep a business firing on all cylinders. But as products increasingly become commodities, and more businesses adopt technology that makes the operations part of their business easier to manage, it’s pretty tricky for a business to stand out and grow