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Mar 16
Outbound sales

The false economy of outbound sales

When you’re running an outbound sales call centre, keeping an eagle eye on your operating¬†costs is critical. With this in mind, many think it’s prudent to purchase lists and they work hard to squeeze every last drop of potential sales out of them, even if means ringing some numbers five or more times. But, the

Jul 8

Noojee PBX 4.0 released

It’s finally here! It’s been a long journey, but Noojee PBX 4.0 has finally arrived. The 4.0 release is a refresh of almost every part of our product range including core PBX functionality, our predictive dialer, in bound, skills, routes, IVR and queues etc. With a few exceptions, which will be dealt with in 4.1,

May 14
outbound call centre

My outbound dialer burns for me

I’ve had the same conversation many times over, where contact centre managers complain that outbound dialers burn their leads. Firstly we perhaps should stop and provide a definition of what it means to burn a lead as it is a term that is thrown around a lot and used in a very loose manner. So