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Apr 25
call center management

3 call center management habits that breed success

Have you ever had the chance to analyse how call center management habits influence your outbound team’s success? Most haven’t, and it’s often for the same reasons – too busy, not enough time, too many queues to manage, and the list goes on – however, not stopping and analysing this could come at a huge

Apr 5
call centre performance

Boosting call centre performance through morale

Looking to improve the performance and sales results of your outbound team? But, here’s the catch. You can’t spend more any more money, or hire anyone new. Without these levers to pull, you may feel like there’s not much more you can do. But surprisingly the motivation of your staff can play a key role in

Mar 24

Handling sales call rejection

It may be a cliché breakup line – but as far as call centre agents go, they certainly deal with a lot of “It’s not you, it’s me.” Sales call rejection handling isn’t easy for anyone, especially when it happens on such a frequent basis – in many cases several times an hour. Your agents

Mar 9
Contact centre software

Contact centre software that reduces turnover

Imagine you’ve bought a new house, with dreams of living happily there for years. You start to feel part of the community, getting to know the neighbours over a few BBQs, your kids walk to school together. And then within a year, almost half the families living around you simply pack up and leave, to

Mar 2
call centre training

Call centre training tips for agent success

Even if your new hires are coming to you from previous call centre work, you’ll still need to train them about how your company runs. But, because not everyone comes in with the same experience, the same motivation and drive to do well, and the same learning style, as a call centre manager you’ve got to

Feb 22
call centre gamification

The how to of call centre gamification

As humans we respond well to games. It starts at an early age – airplanes are loaded with broccoli, we get gold stars for doing well in school, get achievement badges in Scouts. Even as adults a little game playing gets us through the most boring of meetings (meeting bingo anyone?) or can help us do everything

Feb 12

How to slow outbound sales turnover

No matter how good or bad the relationship was, breaking up almost always hurts. And normally, even though it takes time, the recovery is the same. A few nights out with friends, a tear-jerker movie and too much ice cream helps to dull the pain, and we begin to see that we might live again.

Feb 3

Raising team morale in a cold calling world

It takes real courage to work in an outbound call centre. Cold calling, appointment setting and sales – it’s an environment which can be tough on staff morale. At times we’re reminded of the lyrics to an Eminem song: He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs, But he

Jan 28
outbound call centre

Motivating call centre staff in 7 ways

If you’re looking for the secret to motivating call centre staff, you should stop by Noojee any random evening during the week. There, you’re likely to find several of the team sitting around the boardroom table – clearly deeply dedicated to their work. Developers, support staff and even the sales manager can be found deep