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Apr 15
Call centre automation

Call centre automation – the best thing since sliced bread

Where would we be without automation? Just imagine, even getting to work would be a chore. We’d be forever sleeping in (whoops, no alarms) and eating burnt toast rather than it popping up when done. And quite frankly, we’ve all got better things to be doing than washing loads of clothes and dishes by hand. In just the

Apr 1
call centre software

The do’s and don’t’s of using call centre software

Call centre software – in an ideal world it should be plug in and play. And while you may need to fine tune its integration with your existing systems, in a lot of cases that’s not where the learning curve exists. In fact getting the right call centre software in place may actually be the

Mar 9
Contact centre software

Contact centre software that reduces turnover

Imagine you’ve bought a new house, with dreams of living happily there for years. You start to feel part of the community, getting to know the neighbours over a few BBQs, your kids walk to school together. And then within a year, almost half the families living around you simply pack up and leave, to