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Feb 21
Customer service techniques

Customer service techniques that keep staff and customers happy

Are you struggling to get your team to perform, or even to care about what they are doing? A call centre agent may have the impression that the customer is always right, and that to deliver good service they simply have to say yes to everything the customer says. And yet, fenced in with business

Jan 17
call centre operators

5 tips for empowering call centre operators

Your call centre operators are the face (or voice) of your whole customer service operation. They get it all, from simple enquiries to angry complaints. Increasingly both these types of calls are getting more complicated. With access to your website, online forums and social media, customers can find the easy answers online, it’s the hard stuff

Apr 1
call centre software

The do’s and don’t’s of using call centre software

Call centre software – in an ideal world it should be plug in and play. And while you may need to fine tune its integration with your existing systems, in a lot of cases that’s not where the learning curve exists. In fact getting the right call centre software in place may actually be the