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Aug 30
managing a call centre

Managing a call centre with a blended onshore-offshore team

When it comes to managing a call centre with a blended onshore-offshore team, what does it take to get everyone working as one? How can you get Chris from Croydon and Mary from Manila sharing the same call centre memes and campaigns? What’s the special glue to bind them together, so they understand they’re all on the

Aug 17
offshoring pros and cons

Weighing up call centre offshoring pros and cons

What are the call centre offshoring pros and cons you should be aware of before jumping into the offshore world? For some, it’s a scary thought; sending your services to a place beyond your physical reach, where you can’t just walk the floor, soak up the buzz of a bustling team, be social and stop for

Aug 10
offshore call centers

Training offshore call centers on expertise

How can you get your offshore call centers and their agents to get a grasp of what they’re selling? To buy into the ethos and spirit of your brand? And not to sound like some robotic auto-responder that’s simply relaying what they’ve been told? Finding that special mix of personality and professionalism in any call