Outbound diallers

Dialer, or dialler - no matter how you spell it, if your agents aren’t on the phones, they’re not doing business. An outbound dialler solution from Noojee allows you to automate everything from the dialler right through to sending a confirmation email to seal the deal. The right dialler means your team has only one thing to focus on: sales.

We offer a range of powerful integrated outbound diallers depending on the way you want your call centre agents to work.

Preview dialler: when each call needs to be considered

A preview dialler puts agents in control of each call they make while still making the process seamless and easy. A preview dialler allows agents to check customer details and history before choosing whether or not to place the call. This works well when you want to have a considered, personalised conversation with a customer, as it supports a high level of rapport between customers and agents.

Power dialler: when you absolutely need to get through

A power dialler dials multiple numbers and connects your agents to the first call that answers. This flexible dialler is perfect when you have a large number of leads you need to reach, while keeping idle time between calls to a minimum. A power dialler lets you focus on each individual agent’s capability, and allows for easy scalability of calling.

Predictive dialler: for a predictable level of efficiency

For call centres that tend to handle the same type of calls, a predictive dialler will you’re your team more effective by predicting the optimum time to dial the next number in advance so agents are connected to another call as soon as they finish. This smart solution decreases agent wait time, and dials the minimum number of calls required in order to achieve your goals.

  • “We had a nightmare experience with a dialler solution for two years – then along came Noojee. Junking our old dialler and installing Noojee was one of the best business decisions I have made.”
    Lloyd Campbell, CEO Impact Lists

    — Lloyd Campbell CEO, Impact Lists

Diallers that can double your team's efficiency

Besides simply speeding up the dialling process and improving answer rates, Noojee’s diallers can also make your team more efficient by automatically triggering actions. Think pushing information to a CRM database, or sending custom merged emails directly from the dialler or script whilst on a call.

And to really make the most of every lead, Noojee’s outbound solutions can automatically add leads to the dialler from external sources like a webform, so your team can call while your company is still fresh in their mind.

You want the Noojee.