Evolve your Contact Centre in an Instant™

With Noojee's Call Centre Suite the wait is over for both you and your Customers.

Some days, it seems that everything is in constant change except for your Contact Centre Systems.

As your business changes you need your systems to keep up with you.

With Noojee's 'Instant Evolve™' technology you can make changes to your Noojee Call Centre system in seconds and grow your capacity in minutes.

Whether you are a one person business or a 200 person Contact Centre needing Predictive Dialing, Call Recording, ACD or IVR, Noojee's 'Instant Evolve™' Technology puts you in charge.

Noojee can have your Contact Centre up and operating within 3 business days. All you need is a decent internet connection, desktop computers and headsets.

Dialer Inbound Voice Recording
Preview, Power & Predictive Dialers. Agents work from virtually any location. Increase productivity by 40%.
CRM Integration and Live Reporting help maximise your team's productivity.
Record every call or just part of a call. Set Retention policies and live monitor calls.

Noojee Call Centre Suite is a single integrated platform with full PBX functionality. Noojee's Call Centre Suite is Developed and Supported by our Australian based team so you can be assured of the highest levels of support and product knowledge.