Hosted PBX | The call center phone systems game changer

Jun 15
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Hosted PBX | The call center phone systems game changer

What is it about Hosted PBX call center phone systems that make it such a game changer, especially for small business?

Hosted PBX takes VoIP one step further, making calling more affordable, accessible, maintenance free, with limitless scaling, and seamless integration to powerful call centre software. And this is a huge new deal for small business.

Often priced out of the market by the steep costs of traditional PBX systems, from infrastructure to call rates, hosted PBX call center phone systems opens the gates for cheaper outbound calling. It puts the latest call centre technology at the fingertips of any business, no matter the size, and helps small business enter the outbound ring using the following key benefits.

It reduces the cost of infrastructure

With Hosted PBX call center phone systems, hosting is done off-site, with no demands on IT to get started, and businesses’ can use their existing infrastructure to access a powerful PBX phone system.

Cloud-based, hosted PBX means a company can remain light, lean and avoid the crippling costs that come from initial investment in servers, interface cards, and other peripherals to begin.

Hosted PBX also takes care of server maintenance, so businesses can redirect their IT resources elsewhere, or not need an IT expert at all. Internet connection is the only requirement, with access online from any digital device.

It simplifies the set-up process

Hosted PBX gives small business all the features of a powerful PBX phone system, without the headache of fiddling around with leads, cords, adaptors, installation CDs, calling IT and spending time trying to get things set up. Thankfully, the god of cloud-based telephony has stepped in and simplified the process.

With Hosted PBX all the set-up is done for you. You can also add on contact centre software features you need at any time, from automated diallers to live monitoring and reporting.

And this is the great thing about a Hosted PBX set-up. You can choose as little or as many call features as you want, and only pay for what you use. As well as online calling, you can add more features as you go to match the growth and demands of your business.

It reduces the cost of calls

In the past, one of the biggest costs to a company was telecommunications. All the small item charges, from line connections to call out rates, added up to a huge mountain of costs. And this could be catch-22 situation for a small business, needing to expand outbound calling without taking on a legacy of debt.

VoIP and hosted PBX changed all that, rerouting calls online and freeing up the telephony system, so more calls could be made from anywhere, at any time, with more volume potential, no additional infrastructure, and at a much cheaper cost.

Traditional rates for things like long distance calling, time of day, and flag fall no-longer apply and overseas calls are far cheaper than before. This has changed how businesses can compete, with a far more level playing field where bandwidth, rather than infrastructure or start-up capital, is now the main deciding factor to call capacity & capabilities.

It gives small business mass calling abilities

Using hosted PBX call center phone systems, calls can be routed to any digital device, in any location, and the number of lines added is only limited by the amount of bandwidth available. This is great for small business on both a customer service and professional front.

Companies can scale calls up or down based on demand and in an instant. They can respond instantly to the need for more lines to open, such as during a busy sales period – linking calls automatically through to a whole network of call centre agents – and also scale down when call volumes reduce, so staff can be utilised elsewhere.

It also means any business can deliver an ultimate calling experience, no matter the size, with an intuitive call centre phone system that can flex to call demands, keep people out of queues, and connect them to the right agents every time.

It gives ultimate work flexibility

Using cloud-based call center phone systems, hosted PBX means staff can work from any location, no longer tied to offices and linked computer networks.

Phone calls can be made in the quiet of someone’s own home, away from the noise of a busy call centre. For some calls, this can be an important difference in closing a lead, when intimacy is needed to build a sense of trust.

Letting staff work from home, can also massively reduce the cost of office overheads. It’s the new crucible of how a small business can save money and yet grow at the same time. Less bums on seats means less office equipment and space needed, getting rid of massive rents, which can be a killer to business growth.

With the flexibility to let people work from home, a small business can effectively expand it’s operations, taking on more agents, makes more sales calls, respond to more enquiries faster, all while reducing it’s office overheads at the same time. This would have been impossible to conceive only a few years ago. And Hosted PBX has made this possible.

It interlinks with powerful contact centre software

This is a huge benefit to using Hosted PBX. Not only do you the get the reduced cost of using cloud-based call center phone systems, but you also get to add on as many additional features as you want to streamline and automate your call centre processes.

And this will make a huge difference to the overall productivity of your call centre and help reduce business overheads. Contact centre software improves the calling experience for everyone, from managers to staff and customers, with a range of features to deliver the ultimate phone experience, including:

  • automated diallers to increase call out rates and reduce downtime
  • agent interfaces for online viewing of customer information
  • live monitoring so you can keep track of agents and campaigns
  • call script testing, tweaking and releasing
  • online training that can be completed at home
  • real-time reporting of individual, team and campaign performance
  • blending of inbound-outbound teams to increase lead processing
  • seamless disaster recovery to stay connected at all times, and more!

And the great thing is you can choose the features you want, adding on as your business grows to help streamline operations, increase productivity, and yet still remain a lean and dynamic company with a big-business reach.

It lets small business use the best call center phone systems

Calling still remains one of the most effective ways to connect with leads and look after customers, and using Hosted PBX call center phone systems makes it easier for small business to jump in the ring and make the call in the first place.

No-longer restricted by the cost of telecommunications, they can take it to their competition, scale to demand, and plan outbound calling as a key part of their marketing and sales campaigns. Nimble and lean, they can also dip their feet in bigger stadiums and deal efficiently with more call volumes. And this is what makes it such a powerful game-changer.

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