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May 25

How an auto-dialer can save you lots of money

If you’re in the business of being productive, and managing a team that needs to make many phone calls, then you simply must get yourself a dialer. Even if you’re a one-man band, making a handful of calls each day, then an auto-dialer will save you and your agents time spent listening to the phone

May 9
call centre metrics

Four Outbound Call Centre Metrics to Track for Success

    The call centre metrics you measure your outbound team against are like the lights on the runway guiding the big jumbo jet to a safe landing. Or, to be more accurate (metaphorically, that is), to guide the big jumbo jet to a perfect take off, where it will reach the heights it needs

May 3

5 Ways to Make Outbound Calls That Count

    Everyone knows that the mantra for any manager these days is ‘do more with less’. More outbound calls with fewer staff. More sales with less training. More leads with less marketing budget. No point complaining about it, it’s the expectation of any manager in any business, so the answer is to work smarter.

Apr 26
outbound sales

Outbound Sales – 10 Ways to Close the Deal

    Outbound Sales is a critical part of any business wanting to bring in the leads, however it can also be the most daunting, gut-wrenching, soul-destroying part of a salesperson’s job. Let’s face it, it involves rejection, and a lot of it. If you manage a sales team who need to close deals, this

Apr 20
workforce management

Guide to Workforce Management of Transient Workers

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Apr 13
sales calls

Managing the ‘No’ of Sales Calls

Do you manage a Call Centre or any outbound sales team? Sometimes it must feel like you’re in the trenches. Taking shots zipping at you from angry customers to whom your team are making sales calls, soothing and cajoling upset and unmotivated staff who, let’s face it, are often halfway out the door onto their

Apr 10
problem solving in the workplace

Problem Solving in the Workplace – Get Creative

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Mar 30
call center environment

Creating a Stress-less Call Center Environment

Did you know that that approximately 80% of what we perceive or experience is based upon our physical environment? (Sherry Burton Ways). Managing a call center is a stressful job, as is sitting in the chairs making and receiving calls all day. The pressure is unlikely to go away – customers need to talk to

Mar 22
staff motivation

People are not rats. The secrets of staff motivation.

Humans are complicated. They have feelings and motivations and agendas that will often have nothing to do with their day job. You put a bunch of them together to walk around on the same patch of carpet all day, add to that complexity different personalities, values and energy levels, and a whole lot of other

Mar 15
call centre metrics

Call Centre Metrics in the New World

Quality Scores. First Call Resolution. Service Level. Average Handling Time. Right Party Connect. There are many very important call centre metrics to give you an idea on volume- of hours, of calls, of waiting time. If you track your call centre against these you can make sure that for every hour, you are servicing the