Jul 24
Darts targetting call centre solutions

10 contact centre solutions to improve your productivity

No matter how effective you are as a call centre manager, often the only reward you will get for your efforts are even loftier targets to be achieved on even leaner budgets. If there is any silver (well maybe a grey-ish) lining, it’s that you’re not alone. This is the reality in not only call

Jul 16
call centre management bike winning

Call centre management tips- small changes with big impacts

When you want to sell your house, you’re obviously looking to get the most money into your pocket as possible. If you live in a place that’s a bit on the ‘shacky’ side (or shall we say has a lot of ‘character’), then it’s going to take a bit of work to get it to

Jul 10
predictive dialler battle

Battle of the Diallers- Predictive Diallers vs Power Diallers

So you want to up your productivity? Well, it’s not really a matter of wanting it at this stage, more like it had better happen, and please don’t ask for any additional budget or staff… If you manage an outbound call centre, your productivity comes from the time your agents are speaking to humans –

Jul 2
Happy smiley faces of call centre staff

The Secret to Happy Call Centre Staff

When you manage a call centre, you not only have all the usual stress of managing a team and delivering business results, but you are working in one of the highest turnover industries there is- call centre staff are dropping like flies. You go through the (frankly arduous) recruiting process, train your call centre staff

Jun 18

6 Ways to Boost Your Outbound Call Centre’s Productivity… Today.

Balancing the expectations of your customers with the motivation and happiness of your agents – while hitting your targets – can be crazy. Forget about developing your own skills and management techniques, you’re way too busy firefighting, running reports, delivering said reports to management, and recruiting for staff that continuously leave on you. The job

Jun 14

Using call centre skills to get what you need

Remember phone calls? They used to be the way people communicated most of the time. If you had a question to ask, you picked up the phone and called the person from whom you needed an answer. Crazy, right? Pre-texting, Facebook messaging, email, WhatsApp. All these communication options mean few people are having actual conversations.

Jun 4

Workforce Management: the Secret Sauce of Success

Workforce management can be a major time sucking force in the life of a Call Centre Manager. It can also cause a huge amount of stress, as inflexible rosters or work conditions that don’t suit your agents are leading reasons for attrition. The time your agents stay with you is often fleeting for many reasons.

May 30
Call centre technology 101 blackboard

Call Centre Technology 101

It goes without saying, the ultimate goal of any call centre is to provide impeccable customer service. To the greatest number of customers in the least amount of time, with the lowest possible budget. In other words, it’s about making your customers happy while being as productive as possible. Technology can be a little overwhelming

May 25

How an auto-dialer can save you lots of money

If you’re in the business of being productive, and managing a team that needs to make many phone calls, then you simply must get yourself a dialer. Even if you’re a one-man band, making a handful of calls each day, then an auto-dialer will save you and your agents time spent listening to the phone

May 18

Contact Centres and the Cloud – a match made in heaven

    The Cloud. Everyone is talking about the cloud. ‘Put it in the cloud’. ‘You should use the cloud’. Do you sometimes nod and smile when people talk about this cloud, like you know what they’re talking about, when really you have a general idea but don’t really get it? How do people put