Dec 20
common customer complaints

Common customer complaints that every call centre can avoid

Complaints, like death and taxes are guaranteed to happen. But if you’re receiving the same common customer complaints over and over again it’s a sign that something, somewhere in your business is not working. If your lines are filled with shouting, unhappy customers then it’s time to fix the problems so your agents can spend

Dec 7
customer rapport

11 tactics for building better customer rapport

How well do you really need to get on with your customers? Let’s face it, there’s a lot of them, and in the space of just a few minutes it’s pretty hard to do anything except the simple niceties. Except, building customer rapport is basically comes down to building trust. It’s also a question of

Nov 27

Call centre technology to make your team smarter

With the ever-increasing pressure to improve customer support and increase first call resolution rates you may find yourself wishing your staff… how should we put this… knew more. There is an expectation from customers that when they call your call centre, the agent at the other end will know everything there is to know about

Nov 20

What kind of call centre manager are you?

Have you ever been sucked into the deep twisty world of the BuzzFeed Quiz? It’s like falling down the rabbit hole. You start one and then three days later you wake up to find out who your celebrity bridesmaid should be (who is Gigi Hadid?), what your orc name is (Ur-Dag War-born) and what type

Nov 13

Tips for creating an unbeatable knowledge centre

Your customers are getting smarter and they’re getting better at self-service. If they have a problem with your product or service they’ll look for solutions from their friends, social media or a forum long before they even consider calling your contact centre. This means that when they do finally call your agents it’s about the

Nov 6

How to scale your contact centre sustainably

As Dr Seuss would say “Congratulations! Today is your day, you’re off to great places, you’re off and away.” Your business is growing. You’re pulling in more customers or clients than you’ve ever had before. Of course with the increase in numbers comes an increase in your contact centre requirements. You need more sales calls

Oct 30

Upskill, reskill or rehire? How to get the best call centre agents for the job.

Customer experience is hot right now. But more than just being the newest business trend, creating a good customer experience brings in actual results like higher sales values, longer lasting customer relationships and better margins. Customer experience should be front of mind for every call centre agent and their manager. In fact, it should be

Oct 23

How to make customer support your competitive advantage

Back in the day, before everyone talked about ‘Start-up Mentality” and “Being Agile”, your competitive advantage was probably your ability to be quick, nimble and responsive to market changes. While the big guys slugged it out with their red tape, processes and reviews, your business could just get on with delivering great products and services

Oct 15

How to improve customer experience with call blending

Running a customer support team is like riding a roller coaster. There’s ups, downs, lulls, and terrifying free falls that make you wonder if that second toasted sandwich was such a good idea. If you run a customer service team and an outbound sales team you have twice the rollercoasters to handle. And maybe that

Oct 9

Call centre skills every agent should have in 2018

When a customer calls your company, more often than not they are not a happy camper. They are experiencing some sort of issue or inconvenience that makes them take time out of their day to call you to rectify it. To handle conversations with grumpy people and turn them around into a positive customer experience