Jan 28
outbound call centre

Motivating call centre staff in 7 ways

If you’re looking for the secret to motivating call centre staff, you should stop by Noojee any random evening during the week. There, you’re likely to find several of the team sitting around the boardroom table – clearly deeply dedicated to their work. Developers, support staff and even the sales manager can be found deep

Jul 8

Noojee PBX 4.0 released

It’s finally here! It’s been a long journey, but Noojee PBX 4.0 has finally arrived. The 4.0 release is a refresh of almost every part of our product range including core PBX functionality, our predictive dialer, in bound, skills, routes, IVR and queues etc. With a few exceptions, which will be dealt with in 4.1,

Dec 17

Starting a new call centre, part 4

Starting a new call centre: cash flow Come Little Frog Sit with me a while Watch the stream a-flow And listen to my woe   The tale of a frog With great vision in-store And cash in hand He did set his course   The stream too large His means too small His pockets did

Sep 3

Starting a new call centre, part 3

Starting a new call centre: choosing call centre software I found writing this episode particularly difficult perhaps because it’s an issue that is particularly close to my heart. So let me start with a confession. I wear many hats on a day to day basis, but I started my career, some thirty years ago, as

Jul 14

Starting a new call centre, part 2

OK, so its been a wee bit more than a week since part one, but I’m a very important and busy person (And no, that’s not my wife you can hear laughing in the background). So stop giving me a hard time and lets get on with Part 2. So in part one, we discussed

Jun 18
inbound call centre

Starting a new call centre, part 1

As Noojee is a provider of call centre systems its probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that we encounter lots of people and organisations looking to starting a new call centre. From our conversations we see a lot of reoccurring mistakes that newbies to the industry make. As such I thought it worth

Jun 4
Call routing

Improving your call centre Net Promoter Score

The latest acronym to do the rounds of the Contact Centre industry is NPS or Net Promoter Score. In English, it’s simply a measure of how likely one of your customers is to recommend your business to a friend or colleague. Whilst I’m not entirely convinced that its the holy grail of contact centre metrics,

May 21

Understanding answer machine detection (AMD)

Almost every technology solution promises some type of ‘silver bullet’ that will fix all of your problems. In the contact centre industry the silver bullet is supposed to be Answering Machine Detection (AMD). Particularly with the proliferation of mobile phones, contact centres have to deal with lots of answering machines. Agents of course only want

May 14
outbound call centre

My outbound dialer burns for me

I’ve had the same conversation many times over, where contact centre managers complain that outbound dialers burn their leads. Firstly we perhaps should stop and provide a definition of what it means to burn a lead as it is a term that is thrown around a lot and used in a very loose manner. So