Set up a virtual call centre with these 11 VoIP resources

Oct 4
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Set up a virtual call centre with these 11 VoIP resources

Setting up a virtual call centre is a big step for any company, especially if you don’t know what steps to take or technology to invest in.

If you’re starting from the beginning – with no phone systems in place or an old PBX phone system that doesn’t link to the cloud – then the first thing you need get across is using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone technology. In a nutshell, VoIP enables phone calls to be made via the Internet and it’s what makes a virtual call centre possible.

Here are some great guides explaining why:

6 VoIP guides you need to read

  1. VoIP Wikipedia: a detailed account of the history and technical details of VoIP. How it works, it’s advantages are, and how its has made the world of remote working and virtual call centres possible.
  2. VoIP guide: Voice over IP in Australia: detailing how VoIP works in the Australian context, it’s benefits and the features it offers.
  3. VoIP 101: An Enterprise Guide to VoIP and IP Telephony: delving into VoIP and answering important questions such as ‘Do I really need a VoIP system?
  4. The small business guide to VoIP: detailing how VoIP works for small business, reducing high phone bills and more.
  5. A Plain English Guide to VoIP: a comprehensive guide to VoIP in simple layman terms, also including a glossary of all the technical terms.
  6. VoIP Learning Guide: a guide with links to a whole range of VoIP articles, links and resources found online.

3 VoIP infographics

As well as this there are some great infographics that take you through the benefits of cloud-based VoIP and show you differences between hosted VoIP and VoIP PBX.

  1. 5 benefits of cloud-based VoIP: from flexibility to instant disaster recovery, a great visual depiction of the 5 benefits of cloud-based VoIP
  2. What is VoIP anyway?: laying out what VoIP is and why it’s important
  3. Hosted VoIP Vs. VoIP PBX: the differences between two VoIP options, and what may suit your business better.

With these resources, you’ll have enough information to get across the essentials of VoIP and understand the importance of cloud-based call centre software.

Now the final step is learning how to set a virtual call centre up.

2 ‘how to’ resources

  1. How to start your own virtual call centre: 4 step advice on how to set up a virtual call centre up, start building a client list and make sales.
  2. Building a virtual call centre: what a virtual call centre is and how to set one up. 

One step closer to a virtual call centre

Having the right set up will also help you branch out and explore all the options that come with running a virtual call centre, from remote working to call centre offshoring,


Want to explore the offshore world a bit closer?

call centre offshoring


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